“You can’t buy love, but you can buy handmade jewelry and that’s kind of the same thing” 


We’re all about contemporary jewelry! Tanzire is an online marketplace and is home to contemporary and handmade jewelry from made around the globe,  which is seen as an expression of individuality. Our platform helps jewelry designers from all around the world to open their online store on Tanzire and exhibit their designs, along with their stories and inspirations. On the other hand, buyers have the convenience to buy their favorite piece of jewelry at an affordable price and also virtually try-on the jewelry prior to purchase using Augmented Reality (AR).



Sell what you love ♡

No matter if you work from an office, home, or even a cafe. If you design and produce contemporary and handmade jewelry, then get ready to show the world your work and passion. Unlike the lengthy process of listing your product to receiving cash, we have made selling jewelry online an easier and a personalized process for you. Our aim is to not only to make your designs accessible to a wide range of audience but also make people understand about the hidden emotions and meaning in those designs. Once an order is placed, you will be notified about the same and the money will be transferred after the customer receives your product. With the full flexibility to customize your store, you really don’t want to miss out this opportunity.

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Buy what you love ♡

From every-day wear jewelry to your best friend’s wedding jewelry, we have got all you need. Our search tool and designers know that you are in search of something different and meaningful, so sit back relax and shop handmade. And if you’re worrying about whether your selected jewelry would look good on you or not, then that’s not a problem at all on Tanzire. Using Augmented Reality (AR) you would be able to virtually “try-on” your selected piece prior to purchase. You can also take a picture and share it with your loved ones on various social media channels, so what’re you waiting for?

Our app will be soon available on iOS and Android.