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your unique self

Our mission is simple: to make finding the perfect jewellery for your every mood, occasion, and celebration extraordinary. Currently in the progress of creating a magical experience for you.


To empower. To inspire. To celebrate.

Tanzire is an online marketplace platform that celebrates the uniqueness in every woman. Bridging the gap between fashion and fine jewelry, Tanzire brings contemporary handmade jewelry from designers worldwide. Using technology, we strive to create a magical and engaging experience of buying and selling jewelery.


Buy what you love

From interesting office wear, perfect date nights, to a sunny day out with your girlfriends, we have got you covered. Get ready to flaunt the real you with Tanzire’s all new collection of contemporary handmade jewelry

Sell what you love

You have got jewelry, we have got a platform. Our aim is to make your designs accessible to a wider range of audience and make people understand the creative process behind your designs.

Want to showcase your designs?

WeAR Your Jewelery

Try it before you buy it

Not only are the choices endless, but also, prior to purchase you can see how the jewelry looks on you virtually in real-time and share it with your loved ones.

Designers from all around the world

Bringing the best for you from Morocco, Kazakhstan, Honduras, and more.

At your service

Buying the perfect piece of jewelry couldn't get any easier.

Curated with love

Every piece of jewelry is made with love and care especially for you by the finest independent designers across the globe

Try on the designs

Before you purchase any product, see how it looks on you using cutting-edge technology of Augmented Reality

Door-to-Door Service

Just place your order and we'll take care of the rest. So, just relax.

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