Best handmade jewelry trends set to pamper your inner fashionista

January 26, 2019

In today’s time, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry, especially, when you are looking for some new accessories in the field of handmade. Fast- fashion has given impetus to mass production which continues to deplete our limited resources. In the big world of commercialization, thousands of designs are produced daily for winning the race to profits. Uniqueness has been muted due to these mass produced jewelry lacking authenticity. The modern woman is actually looking for something more meaningful, ethical and relatable jewelry, which gives her the power to express herself and also make a conscious choice. Now, with the awareness of sustainable fashion, ‘Handmade Jewellery’ has been trending among jewelry lovers for its beautiful details, comfortability, and reasonable prices.

This can be comprehended from the fact that each jewelry piece at Tanzire has a story brought to life by the artists’ inspirations making these handcrafted treasures magnetic to own.

At Tanzire, we curate the best custom jewelry from master/skilled designers. You can, therefore, be sure that no one else on the planet will have a similar bracelet, necklace or rings which are sourced through our platform. Well, we know uniqueness never goes out of style.

As the trends keep evolving with the seasons, one eternal trend here to stay is the ‘handmade jewelry’. Its fresh and nonpareils quality gives you the freedom to make a voguish statement effortlessly.

Go Raw

A duo of black and blues stones along with small tassels of red and grey

Not “every kiss begins with a Kay”, and thus not every jewelry piece has to be a classic traditional.

Raw jewelry is all about uncut gemstones that look ‘graceful, yet speak a bold language. Using raw stones for jewelry creates an edgy and rugged look. Beyond doubt, with this handmade jewelry, every curve and indentation of you will be of brilliance. And yeah, it comes with the perks of you ready to take on the world!

Stacking is the New Black

Stacked handmade beaded and crystal bracelets in contemporary style

In fashion what goes around comes around, and bracelets are a testimony to this gospel. And girl, they’re back with a bang this season with an artifact twist. Designers are experimenting with various wristwear styles – thin, chunky, delicate, bold – with interesting looking patterns.

You can stack multiple cuffs or just wear one, either way, you’ll look a true diva carrying it with your biggest asset – confidence!

Au Naturel

Nature-inspired burnt-orange handmade contemporary statement necklace

Nature has always been a timeless piece of art. Since ancient times, artists, designers, jewelers – have found their inspiration in nature through its giant canvas. In 2018, handmade jewelry continues to take encouragement from the natural world and we’re smitten by this.

Blooming flowers, delicate leaves vibrant colors, rosebuds – the natural jewelry trend is definitely a classy addition to your jewelry box.

Oh My Filigree

A handmade piece of the tree of life necklace along with Hematite beads

A filigree detailing on a piece of jewelry has always been an object of art. The ethereal string of threads, beads or any dancing elements twining along the jewelry gives it an intricate semblance with a dreamlike effect.

Gone are the days, when filigree art was just reserved for expensive heirloom pieces like gold and silver ornamentals. Now a custom handmade filigree jewelry can be done on various arabesques, vines, and shapes.

Well, now that you’re enlightened by the latest trends in handmade contemporary jewelry for 2019, check out our special Handmade Jewelry Valentine’s Day Collection at Tanzire . Celebrate the natural luxury of handcrafted jewelry from the house of Tanzire.

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