Tanzire At Rise 2018: Top 10 Takeaways

When Forbes quotes RISE as, “The largest and most exciting tech conference in Asia”, it hits the nail right on the head. RiseConf means serious business with a soul of an inspiring spirit. With more than 15,000 people taking part in a 3-days event boasting over 300 speakers and exhibition by more than 750 startups, the vibe was just insane.


It’s That Time Of The Year


Wow, it had been my first ever RISE Conf in Hong Kong and the energy was so infectious, I still have the RISE vibe hangover!

Suhani Batwara, Founder, Tanzire

As a debutant participant at RISE, it would be an understatement to say that my experience was good. The three days spent at RISE were absolutely spectacular and I’m left with more opportunities and wisdom. I had the honor to interact not only with the industry experts but also talk about the global pressing issues with young leaders. And, I witness some of the most brilliant minds in the international tech.


Representing Tanzire At RISE

Other than exploring the “hype” of RISE, I represented Tanzire, which is the perfect go-to-stop for independent contemporary jewelry designers from around the world and women who are in search for meaningful and unique jewelry. Our mission is to provide an online marketplace community where people from around the globe can celebrate the experience of selling and buying contemporary jewelry.



We’re really focused on providing an engaging experience both to the customers as well as to the jewelry designers, therefore, we’re incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) technology, where the customers will be able to “try-on” the jewelry prior to purchase and share it among their social media platforms. AR holds a promising future in the field of e-commerce, especially in the billion dollar jewelry industry due to its engaging capabilities.

Apart from my regular networking for Tanzire, I attended some cool (trust me, really cool) talks at RISE and here’s my short summary of all the soaking of the knowledge.


My Top 10 Takeaways From RISE plus 1 Extra Goody!


1. Capture opportunities at the right time


What makes a consumer market attractive? How much capital is required? Or when is the right time to enter the industry? I’m sure as an entrepreneur, you might have had all such similar questions. To be honest, one requires a proper homework of one’s venture.


2. The Right Time To Enter The Market


We’re all surrounded by millions of opportunities, be it in any sector. However, the key is to recognize the right door and open it rather than trying to knock on every opportunity that comes our way. Furthermore, the timing also plays an important role, and a perfect combination of these two is the secret key to building a million dollar company.


3. AI is the next big thing


Well, I guess Artificial Intelligence was the star kid on the block for RiseConf2018. The conference was abuzz with the AI term. From my personal perspective, I would say,  “Consumers want human-like, not human-looking AI.” It’s a perfect mix of winning your customers hearts with a combination of human and artificial intelligence. And I personally got to witness this with none other than Sofia – The Robot. And yeah, she’s a badass! 

Sophia – The Robot


4. The Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing


Influencers are present in every field, so whatever business you might be in, influencer marketing is seen as more effective than just those facebook and instagram ads. It is said that people are more likely to view your content and engage with it if their peers or influencers are the ones telling them about it. It’s all about investing in people, and such investments will have a huge impact on how people view your brand and offerings.


5. Reaction-based Marketing


The new recipe for successful marketing and media strategies is the 3Rs

  • Reach
  • Resonance and
  • Reaction


To explain this in simple words, effective marketing, and advertising is that which reaches your target audience, influences their opinion, and ultimately affects their buying behavior. Advertisers who achieve this would ultimately maximize their ROI, and media companies who can help advertisers accomplish this would maximize their sales.


6. How To Be A Good Leader?


Well, the answer to this question might seem easy but at the same time looks complex. It’s not about being short-sightedness, it’s about looking far and building the future of your company.


  • Stay true to yourself, in crisis
  • Stay calm
  • Analyze the situation
  • Do things step by step
  • Have clarity in your goals, if you can give people a vision and set up a path for them, it’ll really motivate them to work. It is also important to turn complex situations into easy ones by driving insights from them. This would further encourage people.


7. Invest In Company Culture, Values, and Mission


The only way to do things differently is to create a sense of culture in the organization. It is important to communicate that you’re doing things for the better. When employees are passionate about the values and mission (like organizing the world’s information at Google), they are dedicated to accomplishing the goal. One of the speaker at RISE aptly puts this about company culture in a nutshell, “Today should be different from yesterday, and tomorrow should be different from today.”


8. “Think Global, Act Local”


Expanding a business might seem like an exciting opportunity, however, if correct steps are not taken, it can turn into a nightmare.

Go global while keeping these points into your mind:

  • Size of the market
  • Mindfulness of the founders
  • Business model.

Moreover, it is also really important to know someone in the local market to go global and articulate your vision to them.


9. Dream Big and Execute Well


When you dream it you have the responsibility to yourself to fulfill it. The dreamer has an inherent duty to invest hard work, time and dedication to see the dream come to fruition. There are always going to be doubters, roadblocks, and obstacles, it is up to you to have an extreme passion for your project that not only surpasses such issues that come your way but also convinces others to do the same.


10. E-commerce and Voice Assistants


Voice assistance can and will make all the difference. Consumers are developing a strong preference for interacting with companies via voice assistants. And going by the report from Capegemini Voice Assistants will revolutionize the world of e-commerce.


11. Be Unique


The last but not the least, one of the most important takeaways was related to the concept of personalization and being unique. Nowadays, we have millions of options to choose from, but certainly, you don’t want to bump into a friend wearing the same dress as you. Just like that, customers don’t want to go for things which are common, they are in seek of something which is authentic, and at the same time, speaks to them at a personal level. Hence, making a customer feel special and incorporating personalization in your product/service offering, is the key to live in their hearts.


And It’s A Wrap


It was a genuine privilege to be a part of RISE Conference 2018 and talk to different leaders from all around the world. I can confidently say that the world is ready for an efficient Digital Transformation. It’s a true power in the hands of those who can best leverage it. To sum it up, as a young female entrepreneur, I learned so many new things at RISE and it has been a resounding success for me. Well, this is just the beginning, I’ll be back next year with a much stronger Tanzire.

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  1. Hi Suhani,
    Loved reading about RISE. Also I saw on Instagram you mentioned an article about Tanzire out of Singapore? I’d love to read but can’t find BIO on your website as you suggest one should go to? Let me know. Happy things are going well,

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