Exclusive: Jewelry Designer behind Lamcy

January 19, 2019

Tanzire talks to one of Vietnam’s renowned contemporary jewelry designer Jasmine, and the journey of her brand Lamcy making ethical modern handmade jewelry.
Tanzire: Could you introduce yourself?

Jasmine, founder and creative director of Lamcy at her studio in Vietnam.

Jasmine: I am a contemporary jewelry designer from Hong Kong. I started jewelry design 3 years ago and has started Lamcy 藍秋燕 in 2017. Currently, I am living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.
Tanzire: Tell us about the inception of Lamcy. What jewelry problem were you looking to solve for the modern women?

Sterling Silver Square Cross Connection Hammered Earrings designed and manufactured by Jasmine.

Jasmine: Before I am a jewelry designer, I traveled a lot. I always felt it is difficult to find jewelry that matches different outfits so I end up having to bring a lot of different pieces while I was traveling. I want to create something that is versatile and unique enough for most of the occasions.
Tanzire: Give us a tour of your design studio. How does it rekindle the Lamcy aesthetic? How has Hong Kong inspired the origins of the brand?
Jasmine: I have my studio at home. I like working whenever I feel like I have the inspiration. It’s very personal and functional. Hong Kong is my hometown and I want to create contemporary jewelry because it is ever evolving and creative, which is just like Hong Kong
Tanzire: As a designer how does your own approach to personal style influences the designing elements?

Basic thick and thin rings in sterling silver designed by Jasmine exclusively for Lamcy.

Jasmine: I like different shapes and present them in an organic structure. Blue is the meaning of my surname so at the moment I am using blue for all the colored jewelry to represent myself.
Tanzire: How would you define your appreciation and affinity for handmade jewelry?
Jasmine: Handmade jewelry is unique in every piece. It presents the craftsmanship as well as the creativity of the jeweler.
Tanzire: What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

Sterling Silver Gold Plated Rectangle Cross Connection Earrings

Jasmine: I hope people will start noticing more about contemporary jewelry. So the question could be “what is the difference between contemporary and classic jewelry?”
Tanzire: Do you think creativity contributes to some of the world’s complex conversations like mass produced jewelry? How do you hope Lamcy can play a role in this shift?

Jasmine: I do think creativity exists in both handmade or mass produced jewelry. It is just a matter of degree. I hope Lamcy can keep a balance between the two. I am keen to design contemporary jewelry but with certain commercial elements so the jewelry can be more versatile.

You can shop Lamcy’s contemporary handmade jewelry from Tanzire‘s Back To Basic Collection.

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